Friday, August 14, 2009

Sky Diving Over Everest

SKY diving

The first Everest Skydiving 2008, where Forty-two daring adventure seekers, including two Nepalese, enjoyed skydiving over the world's highest peak in the Everest Region from October 3-11. A total of 33 divers from 14 countries took part and the participants hailed it as one of the biggest tourism and adventure event since the first ascent of the Mount Everest by Sir Edmund Hilary in 1953.

The skydivers boarded a Pilatus Porter from Tenzing-Hillary airstrip in Lukla and launched themselves from above the height of Mt. Everest and descended down to Syangboche through parachutes following a free fall of a few minutes. Nima Tamang and Maya Gurung became the first Nepalese to enjoy skydiving. Maya Gurung is facilitated as the first Nepali woman to climb and skydive from Mt Everest and called her a brave woman.

World Champion Skydiver from New Zealand Wendy Smith, who also took part in the diving, lauded the scenic beauty that the skydiving from the Everest provided.
Smith, an independent aerial photographer who has already skydived 17,700 times said, "The technology and safety measures were praiseworthy, but the visual beauty was extraordinary, as it was the most exciting experience of my life and I look forward to come back."


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